1. You set it up zip-twang! 2. Others donate ka-ching! 3. Everyone wins bada-bing!


Now there’s a personal way to raise money tailored to you without relying on corporate-level charitable giving sites. No paperwork, no over-bloated services you don’t need, and no jumping through hoops. Just sign up and start making your vision a reality!


Our unique, patent-pending method is fast and fun! You raise money exponentially with each donation to your special cause. When someone contributes, the funds are sent directly to your PayPalTM account! What could be easier?


Create a page from our selection of beautiful templates, write a bit about your cause, upload photos, and you’re done! We host the page, give you a unique URL to tell the world, and even connect it to your Facebook to help you spread the word!

let’s do this!
“If there’s a better way to raise money faster, I sure haven’t found it — I LOVE raizit!” - Jessica H., Atlanta